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Treads - Refinishing, Refacing and Replacement Along with other major home renovations, Open Concept specializes in complete staircase refinishing. Add beauty and value to your home by replacing old, dirty carpets with new treads, risers, rails and more. Open Concept Renovations has been replacing and refinishing stairs in the GTA for years and has the knowledge and experience to create a new, durable hardwood stair solution that will look much better than your current staircase.


Total Staircase Refinishing can include the following:
Treads - Refinishing, Refacing and Replacement
Risers - Refinishing and Refacing
Rails - Refinishing and Replacement
Newel Posts - Refinishing and Replacement


In addition to stair rejuvenation, we also install hardwood flooring throughout your home. Choose from offer pre-finished, engineered and or laminate floors and create a beautiful new look with your new flooring solution.


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